International Holocaust Remembrance Day

In Radom, the celebrations will take place this Wednesday, April 20. They will begin at the Memorial to the Jews of Radom. The second part will take place at the Resursa Obywatelska. The International Holocaust Remembrance Day is organized by the Cultural and Artistic Center “Resursa Obywatelska” in collaboration with the VI. Jan Kochanowski. They … Read more

“My sister was supposed to replace my mother, and she brought home a gacha. I hate the guy and I’ll do anything to get rid of him” – Real Life

photo: Adobe Stock, Antonioguillem We were meant to support each other. Especially for me, she is older after all. Meanwhile, my beloved sister has found a new love in her life! Like nothing ever happened ! Dad left us when I was little. The only memories I have kept therefore, they are quarrels and insults. … Read more

Student from Warsaw won Queen Szwec International Prize in Nursing – Health

  The scholarship is awarded in seven countries: Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, University of Washington in the United States and Brazil. The organizer of the QSNA in Poland is the Medicover Foundation. On December 23, the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden, the results of the competition are announced. The scholarship is … Read more

German Superstate – Adam Maksymowicz

The German economy, fourth in the world and first in Europe for years, seems to be above all competition. The reasons for this are primarily German diligence, traditional discipline, both personal and state, combined with far-reaching restraint in domestic and foreign policy. It is a traditional opinion, well established also in Poland, on the economic … Read more

BAföG, or all about student loans in Germany!

The abbreviation BAföG stands for Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz, i.e. the Federal Education Promotion Act. Thanks to the BAföG, everyone – regardless of their social or economic situation – has the chance to receive an appropriate education. Pedagogical support is not only aimed at students, but also at pupils. Important fact – German citizenship is not required here. … Read more

Germany: planned subsidies for heating costs will be twice as high

People receiving housing allowance (Wohngeld), as well as many students and apprentices in Germany, should receive twice as much funding for heating costs in the summer than previously planned. The decision was taken by the German government. About 2.1 million German citizens will benefit from the subsidies Due to the drastic rise in energy prices, … Read more