Horizons Scholarship

In practice, children and adolescents may encounter obstacles. Students in small towns have limited access to educational provision and – especially at secondary level – to educational institutions. An obstacle can be, for example, the distance to a good secondary school, i.e. exclusion from communication. What to do to help them grow? Support is provided … Read more

MEiN has published explanations on the regulations relating to the education of Ukrainian children

The Minister of Education and Science has sent a letter to local authorities, probation officers and teachers explaining the changes to the regulations regarding the organization of educational activities for children of refugees from Ukraine. It also informs that for the implementation of new tasks, local governments can receive support from the educational grant reserve … Read more

Coverage allowance a 500+, child allowance, nursing allowance, permanent allowance

I am downloading more than 500. Should the income from this be included in the income cap of the coverage allocation request? My sister has family allowances. Does this affect his entitlement to the allowance? Not, income over age 500 is not included in the income limit with supplemental coverage. Likewise, the income of family … Read more

What does the registered package look like in 2022? How has this form of taxation changed in relation to the Polish Order?

The new year means for many people running their own business a real tax revolution in connection with the entry into force of the economic reform known as the Polish Order. This is undoubtedly one of the most important tax transformations of recent years. In accordance with the new provisions of the law on personal … Read more

Journal of Laws – 2022, Section 583

Section 14. [Fundusz Pomocy] 1.An aid fund, hereinafter referred to as “the fund”, is established at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego in order to finance or co-finance the implementation of aid tasks to Ukraine, in particular to citizens of Ukraine affected by armed conflict in the territory. of Ukraine, including tasks performed on the territory of the … Read more

The Senate passed the law on assistance to refugees from Ukraine with amendments

The Senate passed the Law on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens in connection with an Armed Conflict on the Territory of this State, with amendments which include, among other things, that the law will cover not only Ukrainian refugees arriving in Poland directly from Ukraine, but also those arriving in our country via other countries, Romania … Read more

Rector’s Scholarship 2022. Here’s what you need to know to apply

Externs, and especially extra-muros, start working more and more often and decide to become totally independent. Rector’s scholarship can be a great source of extra income for them, providing them with a solid, often monthly, cash injection. However, to be able to apply for such a benefit, you need to show a little more commitment … Read more